Did you know…

…it’s the anniversary of last year’s epic Winter Olympic Games!!!

Our Olympians put on a spectacular showing last year, igniting an intense flame of national pride that has continued to burn in households across the country.  Our athletes did us proud.  And did you know a large majority of those athletes were supported in part by Canadian Athletes Now funding?  Have you heard of it?

The CAN Fund is “a not for profit organization devoted solely to raising funds and awareness for Canadian athletes”.  It is a direct link between Canadians and the role-model athletes that represent our country so well internationally.  If Canadians have a flame of pride burning in their hearts, CAN Fund is the pot that supports the water (our athletes!) over this flame to help it boil!  The Fund was established in 1997 by heptathlete/artist Jane Roos (cool!) and has since raised over $11 million for athletes.  $11 million!!!  Besides direct monetary funding, I also see the organization as a valuable resource, both in terms of knowledge of how to market the athlete lifestyle, and in connecting athletes from across the country in every sport; just the other day I had the opportunity to participate in a conference call with several Olympians!  With CAN Fund, it is one for all Canadian athletes, and all Canadian athletes for one: quite the revolutionary concept in the difficult financial world of Canadian amateur athletics.

So if you want to support our aspiring elite athletes, who elicit so much pride and unity in our country, please check out the CAN Fund website and make a donation!


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