Just a wee little bit o’ philosophy

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve had a bit of an intimidating topic in mind.  Over the past year or so I’ve been exploring the new age and spirituality sections of libraries and bookstores, and have come across SO many neat ideas.  I think best in terms of the big picture, and I haven’t really made the opportunity to sit down and try to figure out how all these new ideas fit in with each other, and with my previously held beliefs.  I’m sure a web can be drawn out, tiny threads stretched taut between a few trees, each meeting strand after strand at every angle imaginable, angles that change as you approach and study the 3D structure…

I came to adventure through this strange land by first innocently searching for some inspirational quotes one day.  A trend quickly emerged:

If you just look at all that already exists in your life, all that you already have: unlimited air to breathe, ample lighting to see, music to hear, books to read, stars to dream by, trees to gaze at, floors to dance on, friends to cavort with, enemies to befriend, strangers to meet, woods to walk through, beaches to comb, rocks to scale, rains to cleanse you, rivers to float you, animals to comfort you, you do have to admit, there’s more of it than you could ever, ever, ever spend.

But try anyway.

Mike Dooley

What does a thought look like? Just look around you, right now… to see yours.

Mike Dooley

I enjoyed many of Mr. Dooley’s quotes and as revealed in his bio, he attributes a lot of his inspiration to a bunch of books collectively called The Seth Books.

This is where it really gets interesting.  I found one book, conveniently the first in the compilation – The Seth Material, at Weldon Library on campus.  I won’t go in to too much detail, because really, there is no such thing as too much detail on this topic.  But in short, Seth is an entity that speaks through the author, Jane Roberts when she’s in trance, about the truths of existence.

This Seth Book led me to another, and many more books by several more authors, including some of Dooley’s work,  and I say with conviction that

we create our realities with help from the universe.

The first bit is the point that Seth returns to time and time again: we each create our reality.  Literally and without fail.  Every single thing we sense and experience is a direct product of our thoughts and energy.  As Leo de Caprio says in a dream in the movie Inception, we simultaneously create and perceive our reality…only this applies to waking life as much as it does to dreaming.  We create so naturally that we’re not even aware that we’re doing it, we’re aware only of observing the results.

There is so much to this idea, and if the concept of creating your reality doesn’t ring true to you immediately, I recommend reading what Seth, Mike Dooley, or another interesting resource, Abraham have to say on the topic.

This idea is so powerful.  It means we CHOOSE what we experience, that we’re not at the mercy of anything but our very own thoughts.  It also means that we have chosen our past experiences, the good and the not so good.  Believing this idea means taking complete responsibility for your circumstances, and being then able to take meaningful action towards desirable ends.  It means our thoughts and actions always have meaning, that we are not helpless or victims by any means.  We are tiny acorns, each capable of creating a thousand forests.  Whatever we can dream up, is only a thought away from our physical experience.

Isn’t this amazing?!?  And that’s only half of it!

I was very intimidated at first; the idea that my thoughts manifest themselves in my reality without fail made me deathly afraid to screw up, to think the wrong thoughts…and further, how was little me supposed to manifest anything, let alone my biggest dreams???  Well, this is where two more very key lessons stepped in.

Firstly, all experiences are valid.  Full stop.  There simply is no “screwing up”.  Everything that happens and even everything that enters the realm of possibility is nothing more or less than a contribution to an ever expanding consciousness.  All events are neutral, or, since there is no comparison involved, I prefer to say all events are good.  I’ll refer to one more Mike Dooley quote:

Whosoever [and whatsoever] may torment you, harass you, confound you, or upset you, is a teacher. Not because they’re wise, but because you seek to become so.

Mike Dooley

There are only opportunities to learn and to grow wiser.  So fear is out of the question.

The second lesson, the one that obliterates any pressure or fear of inadequacy, is that we are standing on the shoulders of giants.  We are not responsible for arranging the players, moving the mountains, or otherwise engaging in or figuring out the cursed “hows” of making our dreams come true.  There is an entire universe to take care of that.  As powerful creators of our reality, our responsibilities lie only in dreaming big, expecting and believing the universe will work it’s magic, and putting yourself out there for the magic to find you.  Easy.

I truly feel that these concepts are the default setting, that if we each stepped out of our own way, everything we desire would manifest as soon as the thought of it crossed our minds.

But so often we create obstacle courses for ourselves, and the universe at large, to negotiate.  We think that getting what we want must be hard.  We’re convinced of the saying, “no pain, no gain”, and that great rewards come only with great sacrifices.  Sure, achieving our dreams can be hard, and the process may be painful, but it by no means has to be.  Our limiting beliefs force the universe to act in certain ways in order to fulfill our dreams within the often extremely narrow framework of our expectations.  So because we expect the truly unconditional manifestation of our thoughts to be conditional upon hard work, pain, and sacrifice, the incredible universe unquestionably delivers, albiet in a way that we accept as possible, unfortunately reinforcing our limiting beliefs in the process.

Thus, to eliminate frustration and maximize joy, it is necessary to analyze our beliefs and tease apart or demolish any that don’t serve us.  Easier said than done, but it’s a really cool journey.  And, need I say, an incredibly worthwhile one!

So the last Mike Dooley quote for real this time:

At this very moment, there are people only you can reach… And differences only you can make.

Mike Dooley


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