I saved a baby!

…in my dream, that is.

I’ve had a cold brewing over the last few days.  It started with a heavy, tight chest, proceeded to a little congestion, slight headache.  Finally, with chest burning, incessant coughing at night, achy, I succumbed to it.  I’ve been drinking fluids and resting up; I’ve read a few books this week – The Hunger Games are quite an interesting trilogy.  After this morning it’s probably apt to include “wallowing” as part of my cold regimen, too.  That is, until I hunted around on the Life is Good website this morning (over some tea with added lemon juice…apparently the acidity is helpful in alleviating congestion) and allowed the mantra to sink in.  Life really is good.  Armed with these words and yet another tea I soaked in a warm bath before cuddling up for a nap.

And what a nap it was!

I woke upon successfully reviving a tiny baby.  I’ll spare you the dramatic details but I remember somebody I can’t identify working away at another little life behind me, while a radio voice narrated the unravelling of the events as part of a news story.  I needed some thread and eventually found some from an unlikely source, and interestingly, upon hearing the voice say there was a shortage of such thread in the wider world, my friend and I gathered a whole bunch and sent it off.

I go through phases where I’ll remember every dream for several nights, and then not a one.  I look into them when it fancies me, usually when I’ve been dwelling on something and have naturally been looking into nearly everything for an answer or guidance.  I think all dreams have meaning.  Some may be a reiteration or verification of a previously understood concept, but some hold just the ticket to help you to where you want to go.

The thing to keep in mind when elucidating the meaning of a dream is that it’s YOUR dream.  All the little details are created by you, for you.  So when wondering what finding a robin’s egg, or bumping into an old friend, or saving a baby means, it just takes a little question to yourself to get an accurate answer.  There are many dream dictionaries that may offer some guidance, however contradictions often abound and I think the dictionaries work based on the beliefs of the general population, not the individual.

For instance, according to one dream dictionary, seeing a dog symbolizes “intuition, loyalty, generosity…” while a black dog in a dream symbolizes “the dark side of someone close to you being revealed”.  Many people may hold fear of black dogs, but to someone that grew up with a lovable black lab, it could be a widely inaccurate interpretation.  There is no better interpretation than your own!

So back to saving babies.  To me, babies symbolize new beginnings and wondrous opportunities.  Now, without trying to give too much thought to it, I’ve been concerned with contracting a cold so near to a competition, specifically when I’ve been anticipating coming out of the gate flying, eager to let the winter of hard training speak for itself.  Then add that this is the penultimate year to the Olympics, and you got yourself a dream baby.  The whole idea of my track goals, and all that achieving those can bring about, in this time of worry came across as one very tiny fragile baby in my dream.

Dreaming that I saved it, and further that I harvested lots of thread to send off to others trying to save their babies, puts my waking mind at ease!  The zen saying that “no snowflake ever falls in the wrong place” comes to mind.  I lost sight of this idea in worrying about how a cold may negatively affect my performance next week.  But holding success next week as a goal, as an unwavering projected outcome of my efforts, this cold must be exactly what I need to get there.  Full stop.  I should be wondering how a cold may positively affect my performance next week!  I’ve been resting like I certainly wouldn’t rest otherwise, I’m ultra hydrated, I’ve fit in a healthy dose of reflection over the last few days – plus a bit of a reality check in terms of this track meet simply being a track meet, penultimate year or not – and it sounds like a perfect pre-heptathlon prescription to me!

If you remember any cool and weird dreams, I’d love to hear them!

Life is good!


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