Feel Discouraged.

The thing about so-called “negative” emotions, is that they always lead us back to joy.

So go ahead…feel discouraged, sad, frustrated, and angry.  These emotions are catalysts for change.  They spark creativity and problem solving.  They affirm our individual identities as they are acknowledged as unique preferences, daring us to act on them.

Feeling these emotions means you care.  It’s coming to a chasm, and instead of shrugging and skipping away with a grin plastered to your face, smitten with blind positivity and destined for a robotic (though an admittedly valid) existence, it is recognizing that you really want to cross this chasm, frowning a bit as you consider various possible outcomes, weighing the risks, furrowing the brow in concentration, creativity burning, taking stock of what is on hand, and dwelling on finding a way to overcome this looming obstacle.

Working through obstacles is rarely “fun”.  But it is rewarding.  The process of feeling down and rising up is altogether a positive one.  After failure upon failure and mounting frustration, it’s the ceaseless focus on the desired result – a fire fuelled by the “negative” emotions – that gives us the persistence, courage, and hope to find a way…to build a bridge or make the leap.

And when you do… *smiles and shakes head* …there’s not a thing like it.


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