These games are rediculous and they haven’t even started!

We arrived last night to a shiny, brand new campus, built for these games to be converted into a new university come September…and wondering where Tuesday went! It was a long day of traveling, with my only complaint being that some old mosquito bites got itchy around hour 9 of the 12 hour hop from Toronto to Beijing. The time difference is proving hard to adapt to!

Today we did a workout at the throws practice factility at a huge high school with it’s own stadium, had a team Canada track and field meeting, a quick nap, and a reception for the whole Canadian delegation at a beautiful hotel. Pictures to come soon!

Can’t wait to hit the track next week!


2 thoughts on “Shenzhen!

  1. Glad you made it safely to your destination (except for a couple of annoying itches!) And even happier that you have Internet access! Looking forward to the photos. Good luck with your acclimatization! More importantly, how is the FOOD?

    “The breakfast of champions is not cereal. It’s the opposition.”
    – Nick Seitz

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