Getting what you want.

Waiting in my inbox this morning was another great note from the Universe! Yes that’s right, a note from the Universe. I get personalized messages delivered to my inbox 5 days a week. And between you and me, I’m pretty sure the Universe has a crush on me…

I signed up to receive these notes through TUTs Adventurers Club, and have since had a nearly daily reminder of my divinity (for we are all divine!) and encouragement to create the reality I desire. The notes are sometime really cheesy (good thing I love cheese) and always thought provoking. I know they’re sent out en masse by a regular guy, but sometimes it’s startling how fitting they are; I remember I was set to compete in high jump one day last summer and the note that day read, “You set the bar, Jen, and I jump higher.” Coincidence? Considering the root of the word ‘coincidence’ is ‘coincide’ which is defined as “to correspond exactly”…then yes, coincidence!

This morning the Universe was so kind as to spell out exactly how to get what you want…

“dwelling from, not upon, the space you wish to inherit is the fastest way to change absolutely everything.”

The secret is to imagine life from that future you who has exactly what you’re looking for right now. Go all out. Consider what an average day will look like when you have exactly what you want, how you will feel, how you will do your hair, what you will talk about with your friends, how you’ll make it to Paris for your breakfast meeting with that famous French billionaire. Basically, make decisions, think thoughts, and act just as that person would think and act. Be that person and, well, you’ll be that person! It sounds simple and it really is just that simple.

Sign up for Notes from the Universe. I know you know you’re awesome, but it doesn’t hurt to hear that the Universe is on your side too…and that it thinks you’re cute!


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