Nose plug? Anyone??

I’m sitting poolside in the dark, under the stars. Warm light is spilling out of the open windows onto the patio, while the distant crack of billiard balls, the revving of a virtual race car, and plenty of friendly bantering and laughter meld with the bubbling sounds of the hot tub. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This place feels like another planet. The dry heat instantly wicks the sweat off your skin and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the bizarreness of the desert landscape.

My body also feels different. I realize I say this before every competition, alluding to my ongoing development, but I truly feel that I am in the best shape of my life. I feel stronger, faster, and more fit then ever. I’m ready to continue my focus from last year and compete hard, trusting the training behind me and turning off my brain.

This house that we’re renting for the week is beautiful. The pool and hot tub are patiently waiting for me to finish the heptathlon in order to be enjoyed more thoroughly, and the pool table and my cloud of a bed have been resplendent amenities in the meantime.

The one thing I’m finding lacking is some female company to relate to. I’m the only girl in the house and I dearly wish I had packed some ear plugs…and a nose plug. However, I am certainly glad to take the unsavoury with the good, as I continue to be spoiled rotten at every turn. Our team of coaches – Dennis, Gar, and Brett – are most excellent cooks, enthusiastic supporters, vivacious entertainers, and of course an endless source of friendly rivalry. My fellow athletes Damian and Jamie and I have more than a few challenges lined up this weekend after the competition on the track…

I’m off to relax and prepare for the coming day! The men’s decathlon kicks off at 11:30 mountain time (no daylight savings!), while the heptathlon starts with the hurdles at noon. There is information available here on the University of Arizona Wildcats website if you’re interested.

Here’s one more panorama for good measure. In case you can’t tell, the 360 panorama app comes highly recommended!!!


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