Enroute to Italy

We’re having a fantastic time already, and we only left Canada 10 hours ago!

After a pleasant KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) flight from Toronto to Amsterdam, Coach Tori and I enjoyed a long, leisurely stroll to our connecting gate at the other end of the terminal. We spotted some reclining chairs at the end of the deserted hallway and headed over to spend our layover in comfort. To my delight a breathtakingly beautiful bike was waiting for us! For some reason Tori didn’t fancy a spin, but I, of course, leapt on immediately

I’m reading the Alchemist right now and I must say, this appears to be a good omen! 🙂


One thought on “Enroute to Italy

  1. I’m shocked you found a bike in Amsterdam and even more shocked you took it for a spin. 🙂 Glad the trip is starting out so well – I”m sure there are more great things to come, on and off the track!

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