Clay (2011)

I awoke one morning to find these words scrawled in a notebook:

my face morphs into wolf

I remember rousing myself from the murky depths of oncoming sleep just long enough to scribble these words in the dark before plummeting fully into dreamland. A stop motion video ran in my mind: a self portrait forming out of a mound of clay, then morphing into the portrait of a wolf.

With my camera set up above the work surface, the initial plan was to make a change in the clay, then momentarily remove my hands from the frame, and repeat. I would then be able to draw a series of frames from the video that could be strung together to form what looked like self-molding clay. However, I only paused to remove my hands about a dozen times before forgetting the plan altogether when I was swept away into the timeless art abyss (and subsequently becoming late for track practice). So instead of the labour intensive stop motion concept (which I will surely revisit), I just sped up the video to 1000x the original speed.

Seeing a finished piece of art is great, but I am also very interested in the process of its creation. With such accessible video editing and media sharing technology, this traditionally very private process can be easily shared, adding a whole new dimension to art viewing, and art creating.


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