Posture, posture, posture!

Skeleton BoltWe have all heard about how important posture is, but lets take a moment to seriously think about it.

Posture, as I understand it, is learning to use your skeleton to most efficiently bear the weight of your body.

Too often we put unnecessary strain on our joints, ligaments, and muscles in efforts to simply remain upright, let alone to move quickly, change direction, bear any additional weight, and ultimately love a sport with all our might.

With every additional second of research I do, I’m quickly recognizing the value in achieving a level pelvis balanced on strong, mobile hips, and a stacked spine. Posture is important both in leading a mobile, pain-free lifestyle for years to come, and ultimately optimizing physical performance in any field, right this moment.

Muscles are great at firing, but they also need to relax. Until we learn to take advantage of our strong boney frames, certain muscles will continue to work overtime and tog o’ war battles will continue to rage at joints that lack the delicate coordination of flexing and relaxing of opposing muscles found in healthy, efficient, systems.

I have found some helpful advice at, with suggestions on how to sit, stand, and perform a variety of movements with correct posture.

If we don’t take a serious look at our postures, we will surely face the consequences sooner or later (if we haven’t already)!


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