All around us people are counting up the noteworthy events of the past year and counting down the days to the new year. Among all the best movies, the standout performances, the embarrassing interviews, the births and the deaths, and before the new year’s resolutions take effect, I’d like to remind you to enjoy the process.

Each year comes with accomplishments and probably a few failures. Twists and turns in the path may be anticipated on the maps we draw for ourselves, or they may come as surprises – a bridge under construction or a patch of raspberries that catches our eyes. Regardless of how our paths are forged, it may just be the case that the path is all that there is…the journey is the destination. As Bob Dylan put it, “we’re in a state of becoming.” We’re making choices, following whims, pursuing evolving passions and changing along with them. We’re loving and being loved, running, jumping, (throwing), dancing, singing, skating, climbing, cycling, dreaming. We’re bringing ideas to life.

So lets enjoy our paths. No matter our current situations, I believe that we can craft the lives we desire. Don’t settle.

Love yourself. Love those around you. And love the process.

See you next year!


One thought on “ENJOY THE RIDE

  1. Great way to think Jen Marie! The journey along the road of life is so much more enjoyable when we choose to see the positives along the way, even if it is just a patch of unexpected raspberries. 😀

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