Feeling good about what you eat

There are many guidelines out there on how to eat well, and a great number of them outline in fine detail what to fearfully avoid. It seems everything has it’s killer compounds, either intrinsic within the food itself or something we’ve tacked on somewhere throughout the growing process. Or, heaven forbid, we used nonstick pans over high heat to cook it.

Meanwhile suggestions on what we should eat are often super vague (eat more fruits and veggies) or way too specific (eat more folate). Advice is even more convoluted when influential entities like the Surgeon General don’t say what they mean to say in order to avoid compromising an industry’s image. For example “eat x in moderation” becomes “eat more y!!!” Plus take into consideration the bombardment of consumption orders barked at us from the media, and we find our senses overloaded and decision making faculties jeopardized.

It is hard to find a balance.

From my many years of hearty eating experience, I conclude that it is most important to feel good about what you are eating, whatever that may be.

If that means avoiding gluten, then avoid gluten. If that means eating a cookie every day, then eat a delicious cookie every day! If that means buying well sourced, sustainable, organic food, then go mingle with some farmers!

Everyone has different needs, desires, and budgets. So perhaps do some research, have some fun experimenting, and find what works for you – find what you feel good about.

Personally, I’ve been doing some research into local organic options…if you’re in London, ON check out Globally Local. It’s a volunteer based group that buys local first organic produce in bulk, straight from farmers – my wallet and my heart approve! I’m looking to order my first bin in the next couple of weeks…

Turns out I really love anatomical drawing – as long as there’s no actual blood involved!

5 thoughts on “Feeling good about what you eat

  1. Well said Jen! I do think your food bias may have showed through a little – only the cookie was described as delicious 😀

  2. You’re not kidding about how complicated this all can seem! I think so many of us are on the what-makes-my-body-feel-the-best quest. Thanks for writing what so may of us are thinking.

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