What’s your freedom?


A sincere thank you to everyone who is helping me to reach my freedom!

Thanks especially to London Life for their financial support and the opportunity to star in this awesome video! It was a blast, and I wish the two short minutes could have included the awesome footage with my longtime track coach Vickie Croley and strength coach Maria Mountain from Revolution Conditioning. I would not have had the breakout season that I had in the hurdles this summer if it weren’t for their help!

The race footage is from the London edition of the Great Lake League which was held on June 18. The fifth and final meet in the series is happening at TD Stadium tomorrow, with a full line up of events. I’m in my “recovery” season at the moment, so in lieu of racing I will be moving the hurdles around the track with the hurdle crew! Come on down to support some of London’s young track and field athletes.

One thought on “What’s your freedom?

  1. Congrats again, Jen, on a great transition and 400H season. Super impressive. Really looking forward to seeing what you accomplish next year!

    Sorry for the long gap since last contact. Between power outages, lack of internet service and time zone difference, I have been challenged to keep in touch with everyone (but I feel especially bad about it where you and your sisters are concerned.)

    We’re back at Mount Baker for the next week. It is the most beautiful, naturific area. We found our wedding venue… It is nature at her best! We really hope you and Damian will be able to make it next June (4th), but will understand if the competition schedule doesn’t permit it. We hope to help with airfare for you guys.

    Hope you and Damian enjoyed the family reunion today. Happy Saturday evening! Love, Dad


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