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So much for a race plan…


Race plans can be hard to follow.
In my head, this stair climb was going to be just like a workout. I was going to go hard while staying relaxed for 4 or 5 flights of stairs, then take an easy flight for a break. I visualized feeling fine after the first couple of reps, but still enjoying the break to let my lungs catch up. I anticipated a challenging third quarter of the climb when, just as is the case in a tough running workout, I’d be feeling winded and my illogical, oxygen starved brain would be convinced that the discomfort was never going to end. But as the last few reps dangled in front of me, and a pile of used up and discarded reps amassed behind me, I would see the light and my feet would start flying!
But then I ended up being first into the stairwell. I started off strong, taking three steps at a time at some points. I got to the fifth floor before I knew it and as I was considering taking an easy flight of steps for my first mini break, I heard Damian and UWO’s record holder in the 60m, Jason Kerr, hot on my heels. There was no way I was going easy for even a second, especially not a mere 5 flights into the climb.
Even continuing my furious pace, Damian caught up to me by the seventh floor. Since he started a good 10 seconds behind me, he confidently stayed only a few steps ahead of me for the remainder of the climb, finishing 13 seconds faster than me in 3 minutes and 4 seconds.
In true sprinter fashion, Jason blew by me shortly after Damian did, but came to a breathless standstill about 10 steps later. He held it together to finish in just under 4 minutes, but left his mark on the top floor.
My coach Vickie followed up behind her co-op student, Harrison, and we all caught our breath and relayed our experiences before catching the elevator for an ear-popping ride back down.
So it was harder than we thought, but it was a fun time for a fantastic cause!