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Notching arrows and laying bricks

ArrowsIn Zen archery it’s been said that if you hold the bow correctly, notch and pull back the arrow correctly, and aim correctly, you must hit the target. There is no hope or fear involved. The target becomes something to simply align oneself with along the journey, instead of an all encompassing destination to be reached.

Actor Will Smith said something similar (watch his interview): when asked to build a wall, you don’t think solely about the wall. In fact, beyond planning you don’t think about the wall at all. The task of building a wall is in truth a task of laying every single brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. When you’re finished you’ll have your wall, and it’ll be a glorious wall.

The more I think about this prospect – that a goal merely offers direction and the steps along the way are the true objectives – the more it rings true to me. There is no hope that you will accomplish your goal, or fear that you won’t. If you do every single step to the best of your ability, you will reach your goal.

Have a goal in mind.
Make a creative plan to get there.
Focus 100% on each and every step of the way.


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