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What is an Artlete?

If you express energy, you are an Artlete.

Foreshortened dorsiflexed wolf paw!

In this digital era it is common to spend much of your time behind a computer and much of your effort tied up in your daily duties. Work takes its toll, leaving you craving relaxing and utterly brainless leisure activities to sooth the trauma inflicted by the chaos. You find yourself working hard to afford the means to work hard. When you find the time and energy to take stock of your surroundings and overall direction of life-travel, you see reality clashing with your ideals. You consider the daunting task of making meaningful change, but with limited resources, you must heed to yet another demand calling for your attention.

Now, imagine having unlimited energy. You could take care of your day to day responsibilities, WHILE deliberately orchestrating a grand plan to achieve your most joyful dreams.

Hopefully this message finds you walking with a spring in your step (assuming you are indeed walking, as opposed to skipping or engaging in some other rather unorthodox and highly recommended means of movement). Ideas or answers magically pop into your head. You get things done, and notice that you are undeniably moving closer to a goal. Your consciousness rings with purpose and you feel like life is beholden to you. Energy is flowing, from the universe to you, and from you into your reality. This is how energy exists; it is neither created nor destroyed, but it flows…

…unless something blocks it. If energy is not utilized and shared, it floods and stagnates, bottlenecking to get through tiny cracks, which erode into giant destructive fissures. When you stop expressing energy – when you are sedentary and preoccupied with mundane tasks – energy stops flowing. You slow the entire circuit, including the rate of incoming energy. You feel fatigued and resistance at each turn. You feel helpless to your circumstances.

Energy flows when you allow free reign to your body and tune into your idea-satellite of a mind. As an Artlete, you are an expert at this. Your muscles excitedly cooperate in the amazingly complex dance of stretching and flexing involved in coordinated movement, and your creativity roams wide and free like the untamed wolf. You live in the only frame of reference that truly exists, the present moment, where you wholly experience every sensation of your body and unceasingly strive to unleash the visions in your mind. You are vitally aware of your power to affect your world, and you seize opportunities ever riding on the wind toward you.

So what is an Artlete?

An Artlete is somebody who taps into the creative flow of energy while living an exubrantly joyful existance. Artletes not only complete the energy circuit, but they burn through energy at an alarming rate, creating a void within themselves – an energy vacuum – that causes ideas and inspiration to come crashing in to them at an equally alarming rate, akin to an endless supply of ocean waves on the coast.

Artletes are inspired and inspiring!