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Wo lai zi Canada

Translation: I come from Canada
Feeling great, playing lots of Spot It, getting a hang of the campus shuttle service, making friends, throwing stuff, taking cool pictures….
Brand spankin' new
Shotland Yard


I love hummingbirds!

Hit the ground running, indeed!

I had a great time in Arizona.  Good competition, good company, and a heat wave that brought the temperatures from an average of 74 at this time of year to mid 90’s both days of competition!  Appreciated even though I was required to stay in the shade under coach’s orders…of course while coach Vickie sunbathed by the pool.  Maybe one day I’ll be in her position…

However, if I wasn’t in the shade I wouldn’t have met my new hummingbird friend!  I got these awesome shoes just before I left…

New shoes! A little bit dirty from running hills yesterday...

…and as I was sitting quietly before warming up for long jump on day 2, a curious little buddy came zipping by.  It checked out my shoes from a distance for a couple moments before coming down within reaching distance!  It circled and hovered for a good 5 minutes before an approaching friend of mine sent it back into the trees.  Immediately before all of this, a unicyclist rode by balancing a huge pack on his back and a big box in his arms!  Don’t worry folks, I picked up a camera today and I’ll be ready next time I’m in Tucson…and elsewhere!

As for the meet itself, you can find full results here if you’re interested.  I scored my second highest point total ever, 5284pts, scoring higher only when I was set to peak at National Championships last summer.  I’m very pleased with my results, considering I’m not planning to peak for another two and a half months!  I threw a personal best in javelin, right-handed (for the record), and achieved just short of personal bests in most of the other events.  Shot put has been going very well in practice, so it’s only a matter of loosening up in competition and letting my technique take over from robot-girl, who seems to come out with the competition tape measure!

The final event, an 800m run, was an adventure too…remember the bear I mentioned, that sneaks up and jumps on your back for the final stretch?  Well, I should definitely have taken that bear bait out of my pocket.  After going through 600m right on target in about 1:34 (just over 31 seconds per 200m), I finished in 2:16.71, meaning a final 200m in 42 seconds!  I remember looking over to the grass just next to the track and thinking, “I’m not moving”!!  Good motivation to evade the bear in the future, let me tell you!

One of my training partners, Damian, competed in the men’s decathlon and absolutely rocked it.  In his third dec ever he scored 7632pts, winning the event handily.  Congrats to Damian!

University of Arizona
University of Arizona sport facilities - bursts of green in the rocky desert

I’m looking forward to heading back to the same hotel and track facility for a training camp in a couple weeks.  It’s a great camp that I’ve attended the last two years: warm, dry climate, hotel with a pool, a fun mix up of training partners, and fresh eyes to share advice with my coach.  Oh, and water/dust-proof camera to document the entire experience!